Feliz Lucia Molina holds a Master’s in Clinical Social Work at the School for Social Service Administration at The University of Chicago. She trained as a clinical case worker at Heartland Alliance Human Care Services in Chicago where she worked with individuals and families in a transitional housing program that provides services in counseling, employment, and access to housing.

She also trained in psychotherapy with a psychodynamic approach at a community mental health center where she implemented aspects of CBT, DBT, ACT, narrative therapy, and trauma-informed care with an interest in intersectionality and psychoanalytic perspectives in a 6-month treatment program for adults and couples. In the therapeutic process, she is attuned to experiences and narratives centered on the experience of POC, immigrant/emigrant/migrant, and first/second generation while acknowledging the stigma of mental health diagnoses. She is interested in language as poetry, world-building, and as a means to access and work through various forms of traumas.